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Need a Fixer in Cartagena? Are you planning a Photo production, Tv Commercial, Tv Show or Event, We assist you in every detail, from temporary import, location scout, rental equipment, booking hotels, crew and permits. Need other location city over colombia?

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Easy, Flexible service “Ready to Help”

We The Fixers Cartagena has that local Caribbean flavor service, but with perfect schedule timing to assist you during your shooting in Cartagena. There is not “Island time” or “Mañana Mañana” with us. Profesional and detail oriented approach information you will have. We want you to come back again with new briefs, its not only a shooting is having a unique service experience.

Fixer in Cartagena

Every city has its own secrets, we will present you the best info and supervise every detail just to get smooth & easy shoot We Always double check ! Please let us know in detail your ideas to shoot in Cartagena. Top tier or Guerilla Style, write us.

The Fixers in the Caribbean

Colombian Coast, Need something more wild ? Santa Marta and the Tayrona national park surroundings locations: Wild beaches, Rivers and Jungle. Want more ? "La Guajira” offer a Desert landscape and ghost towns. Welcome to shoot in Colombia

Locations in Cartagena

Let us guide you to find the most Colorful Streets, unique places,Street Characters, that pristine beach, and those breath taking Colonial mansions. Baru Island and Rosario island offer nice and unique locations.

Rental Equipment

Cartagena as a Location is authentic, safe and production friendly, but is important to know in advance that RENTAL Equipment is quite difficult or almost no possible to find it locally, mostly comes from Bogota, no problem we can help on it.

Deciding between Brazil & Colombia was not easy. The Locations you presented and the AIRSTREAM you found were the trigger. Thanks for the Epic Shoot


Our Fixer in Cartagena take a Look

Miguel is an experienced Fixer having worked as a Location Manager, Researcher, Unit Production Manager, More than having clients he is making such a good friends

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Miguel The Fixer

Miguel Rodriguez ||| Fixer + Research |||

After living abroad and working in advertising and events production for years, he makes cartagena his home in 2019. His clear communication, good relations and contacts, are key components for a successful shoot. If you need local crew from runners through experienced Camera man, Art Directors and sound artists, Miguel is the man, persistence and hard work is his second name.

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We are near to the airport, lets arrange coffee in the office. We can pick up you. You tell us, we make it. Write or call us.

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Calle 20 # 16 - 97
Cielo Mar, Cartagena

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